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Local Public Health Entities are the core organization to assess, strategize, plan, implement and evaluate programs that will improve the health of the population, by promoting health, preventing disease and protecting against health threats.


April 2021

This past year has been tough, but as the Galveston County Public Health District stated - Public Health Was Tougher!

Local Public Health Entities led the action to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus through population-based public health actions, then pivoted to providing vaccinations to their community! 

Angelina County and Cities Health District (ACCHD)  Leading Health

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ACCHD Director Sharon Shaw and the awesome staff of ACCHD are actively working with the Deep East Texas Partnership to encourage community members to Take Your Shot! This campaign includes stories from persons who have been vaccinated, relating their Why they believe it is important to do so. 

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Lubbock Health Department Leaders

LHD training firemen to conduct contact tracing.
"Scaling the public health workforce to respond to COVID-19 is a major challenge.  In February 2020, the City of Lubbock Health Department, a city of 255 thousand, only had 25 full time public health workers and only 3 staff dedicated to routine surveillance.  This was well short of the projected needs to respond to COVID-19.  To respond, the department needed to quickly grow the workforce first for contact tracing and then for vaccine administration." stated Lubbock Health Department Director Katherine Wells.

Galvestion County Health District Leaders 


Amarillo Area Public Health District Leaders


Cameron County Health and Human Services Leaders


Houston Health Department and Harris County Public Health Leaders

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Stephen L. Williams, Director, Houston Health Department

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