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TACCHO 2018 Premier Public Health Conference

Save the Date! January 31 - February 1, 2018

Public Health Conference for Texas Local and Regional Health Department Staff!

TACCHO’s 2018 “Premier Public Health Conference” offers relevant, timely and cross-cutting information on the current movement to position public health entities as the chief community health strategist within their jurisdictions. During the day and a half event, national, state and local public health professionals will outline:

·        The national debate on health reform and its impact on public health, PH 3.0, collective policy, health equity, roles and responsibilities of the chief community health strategist, and how LHDs can lead the discussion and planning for community health improvement

·        The state debate on health, including the critical connections needed between health-care and public health, and how Texas policy makers are moving to improve the health of Texans

·        Best practices at the local level in prevention, protection, preparedness and promotion that are making a positive difference in the community’s health

·        Improving leadership skills to inspire internal staff and external collaborative groups, provide clear vision and strategy for improving community health and identifying and addressing challenges in collaboration with key stakeholders.

·        Recognizing local public health entities and professionals for excellence in public health practice

Registration information to come soon! Registration fee: $100