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TACCHO 2020 Premier Public Health Conference

The Premier Public Health Conference for Texas Local and Regional Health Department Staff was held on March 2-3, 2020!

TACCHO’s 2020 “Premier Public Health Conference” offered relevant and timely information to continue improving the health of Texans.  This year's theme was "Workforce Development".  Items that were covered included:

·        Best practices at the local level including training, succession-planning and retention.

·        Improving leadership skills to inspire internal staff and external collaborative groups, provide clear vision and strategy for improving community health and identifying and addressing challenges in collaboration with key stakeholders.

·        Recognizing local public health entities and professionals for excellence in public health practice.

A Pop-up Panel on the rising issue of the novel Coronavirus, eventually named COVID-19, was held, providing local, state and national perspectives on the events occuring overseas, how and when it could impact the US and how local public health is reving up its planning and response efforts once it becomes identified in local communiites.





Patient Assessment & Certification Training

Description: Offers a variety of trainings on policy, health equity, communication and other topics. These are free on-demand.

URL:  https://phtc-online.org/learning/default.cfm?status=all&sort=group


CDC Learning Connection

Description: Offers a variety of different training resources for staff as well as a direct link to CDC Train.

URL: https://www.cdc.gov/learning/index.html


Northwest Center for Public Health Practice

Description: Offers a variety of training with a particular focus on preparedness and program development. Many courses are free on-demand.

URL: https://www.nwcphp.org/training/opportunities/online-courses


University of North Carolina Institute for Public Health

Description: These trainings are epidemiology and preparedness focused. These are free on-demand.

URL: https://nciph.sph.unc.edu/tws/HEP_PREPPLAN/certificate.php


FEMA NIMS Training

Description: These courses focus on training for the National Incident Management System.

URL: https://training.fema.gov/nims/


Public Health Law Academy

Decription: These courses focus on public health law and legal epidemiology.

URL: http://changelabsolutions.org/public-health-law-academy



Description: You can find a variety of courses here. This is a great way to develop in areas that are useful to an organization. Users can learn, for example, how to use programs like excel, learn about basic accounting principles or learn about epidemics. The topics vary widely. Many courses are free but they do typically require a time commitment.

URL: https://www.edx.org/


Tulane University School of Public Health Region 6 South Central Public Health Training Center

Description:  Key activities of the Center include development and delivery of courses on-site or through a variety of distance delivery modalities; needs assessments that inform the choices of training topics; and an extensive evaluation program for both curricula and the Center as a whole. 

 URL: https://r6phtc.sph.tulane.edu/