Who We Are

The Texas Association of City & County Health Officials (TACCHO) is the premier member organization serving both Texas local public health officials and the departments which they lead in order to enhance local public health practice in Texas with the ultimate goal of improving the health of Texans and the communities in which they live.

What We Do

Created in 2014, TACCHO is committed to the principles of public health practice in local communities and to assisting members in reaching their goals. As advocates for the health and well-being of Texans, TACCHO functions as the primary resource of local public health agencies by monitoring and researching public health news, trends, and legislative actions to keep members updated on the current events that effect their everyday operations. TACCHO is a true member led organization, sharing best public health practices, empowering directors and their staff to carry out public health functions and advocating on the behalf of citizens across the state.

TACCHO Conflict of Commitment and Interest Policy

The Texas Association of City and County Health Officials is committed to compliance with legal and ethical standards addressing conflicts of interest in the administrative and research activities of the association. TACCHO has therefore implemented a policy addressing conflicts of commitment and interest with an Introduction and with the following four parts:

TACCHO Conflict of Commitment and Interest Introduction

Part A - Policy of TACCHO on Conflicts of Commitment and Interest for Employees, Reseachers and and Subcontractors

Part B - Policy of TACCHO on Conflicts of Commitment and Interest for Members of the Association.

Part C - Conflicts of Interest for Investigators in Human Subjects Research

Part D - Policy for Conflicts of Interest of Research Oversight Officials.   


Policies adopted 12-9-2020. Reviewed 11-1-2021

TACCHO & Core Public Health Functions

TACCHO members implement the core public health functions to:

*  Assess health status  *  Develop sound policies  *  Assure linkages to services

TACCHO Strategic Priorities and Members

As a collective voice of local public health, TACCHO utilizes a LEAD strategy to deliver its core priorities of Leadership, Education, Advocacy and Development to its members.

Leadership – building and strengthening leaders in LHDs

Education – informing others on public health topics

Advocacy – educating on enacting sound public health policy

Development – supporting and expanding the organization 

TACCHO FY 2018-2020 Strategic MAP

TACCHO Strategic Priorities and Public

As advocates for the health and well-being of Texans, TACCHO members work with partners and stakeholders, using the LEAD priority structure to implement public health practice through:

  • Leadership — developing and leading action during emergency preparedness events
  • Education — informing and implementing best practices in infectious and communicable disease prevention and control
  • Advocacy — promoting sound public health policies to the Texas Legislature or US Congress
  • Development — building capacity of local health departments to serve the community

Local health departments provide the essential public health services to detect and prevent communicable and chronic diseases as well as food borne illness. They develop and coordinate emergency preparedness actions that protect communities against emerging threats to health and safety. They provide personal health care services to fill gaps in health care accessibility.