2019 Premier Public Health Conference

TACCHO’s 2019 “Premier Public Health Conference”  will focus on advancing the practice of public health by considering equity and inclusion in the planning, development and implementation of programs and policies at the state and local level.

Premier Public Health Conference
TACCHO 2019 Premier Public Health Conference

“ Advancing Public Health Through Equity and Inclusion“

February 4, 2019 – February 5, 2019

A Conference for Local and Regional Health Department Staff in Texas

TACCHO’s 2019 “Premier Public Health Conference”  provides a focus on ensuring that equity and inclusion are key factors when planning, developng and implementing public health programs and policies. During the day and a half event, national, state and local public health professionals will:

  • review how LHDs can lead the discussion and planning, as the community's chief health strategist, for community health improvement with a lens of equity and inclusion
  • learn data sources to identify health inequities and use in planning for health improvement 
  • share best and promising practices conducted at the local level using equity and inclusion in prevention, protection, preparedness and promotion activities that are making a positive difference in the community’s health. 
  • improve leadership skills to inspire internal staff and external collaborative groups, to consider equity and inclusion when planning for improving community health 
  • recognize local public health entities and professionals for excellence in public health practice.

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