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Integrated Vector Management Program Lead
Wednesday, May 22, 2019 at 6:11pm
Classification: Program Specialist IV (B20)
Direct Supervisor: Director of Environmental Health Division
Competencies: Tier 2
Position Summary: Performs advanced environmental and public health protection work to include inspections and assessments related to the Integrated Vector Management Program for theWilliamson County and Cities Health District (WCCHD). Plans, organizes, and coordinates Integrated Mosquito Management activities. Conducts surveillance, sampling and data collection activities related to Integrated Mosquito Management. Provides reports and makes recommendations to County and City Governments for action based on surveillance and sampling results. Assists in the development and implementation of policies, procedures and systems for the Integrated Vector Management Program. Provides accurate and objective reports and correspondence in a timely manner. Develops and conducts public information and education programs related to Integrated Mosquito Management and other Integrated Vector Management issues. Serves as liaison between the Health District and the general public and County and City Governments. Must demonstrate initiative and independent judgment in performing requisite duties. Performs administrative duties as assigned in a timely manner. This position requires knowledge of public health and environmental science.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, may include the following. Other related duties may be assigned. Job descriptions list the specific tasks to be accomplished by the position the employee is filling at WCCHD. TheWCCHD Employee Responsibilities are a set of general expectations for employees about how they should work with each other and the public we serve. Each employee must sign and acknowledge that they have been informed, understand, and agree to abide by these expectations. Violation of these responsibilities may lead to implementation of WCCHD’s disciplinary procedures.
Policy Development/Program Planning
• Serves as a liaison between general public and county and city governments
• Coordinates environmental public health activities with representatives from other agencies and jurisdictions, including local and state agencies
• Coordinates environmental public health activities between other governmental agencies and departments, including, but not limited to, city code enforcement offices.
• Collaborates in and contributes to individual, team, program and branch program management, quality improvement and evaluation activities
• Assists the Director in the completion and evaluation of self-audits, client surveys and other surveys and reports as required by the Environmental Health Division
• Conducts an annual review of program activities
• Plans, implements, monitors, and evaluates program activities while considering Continuous Quality Improvement in collaboration with the Director and other staff members. Ensures that all reports are being completed in accordance to program policies and procedures
• Assists in the creation and nurturing of a culture of Quality Improvement within the program and division. Assists in the facilitation of QI activities, monitor staff QI activities and supports and guides staff in their work with QI.
Communication and Cultural Competency
• Develops a marketing plan with the assistance of the WCCHD Marketing and Community Engagement Director
• Facilitates comprehensive consumer/environmental education through community outreach campaigns and public forums
• Conducts targeted/escalated public education during response and control time periods
Williamson County and Cities Health District
Environmental Health Division

Integrated Vector Management Program Lead
Job Description
• Develops a communication plan with the assistance of the WCCHD Marketing and Community Engagement Director and the City and County Public Information Officers. Assists with the coordination of media and website messages
• Develops educational materials
• Delivers targeted, culturally-appropriate information to help individuals and groups understand local environmental public health policies, regulations, and laws
• Adheres to ethical principles andWCCHD policy in the maintenance, use, and dissemination of data and information
Community Dimensions of Practice
• Serves as Chair of the Integrated Mosquito Management Working Group
• Serves as a liaison betweenWCCHD and the County and City Governments regarding mosquito control issues
• Serves as a liaison betweenWCCHD and the public regarding mosquito control issues
• Provides environmental health information, interpretation, technical assistance and regulatory advice to individuals, groups, industry organizations, the general public and other agencies regarding local public health environmental codes, regulations, policies and identified environmental problems
• Contributes to a work environment that fosters ongoing educational experiences regarding public health for colleagues, health-related students, healthcare professionals and members of the community
Public Health Sciences
• Plans surveillance strategy, researches and determines sampling locations and develops sampling procedures
• Assists in the development of the Program’s technical and mapping capability through the use of suitable equipment and software applications
• Generates GIS enabled data reflecting the density and species present and the presence of West Nile virus in the mosquito populations
• Interprets laws, rules, and regulations regarding mosquito control
• Provides education and technical assistance to individuals or groups regarding compliance with current local public health and environmental laws, regulations and policies
• Assist and respond to public health complaints and concerns regarding mosquito and vector control using site inspections and following prescribed departmental protocol; recommending required mitigative measures
• Assists with human and equine mosquito-borne or other vector disease investigations
• Attends trainings, presentations and meetings of vector control organizations, to learn the best practices and current science regarding Integrated Mosquito Management
Leadership and Systems Thinking
• Provides reports based on collected data to the appropriate governmental jurisdictions.
• Demonstrates knowledge of applicable professional guidelines for Registered Sanitarians and other Federal and State laws applicable to practice as an environmental health public health professional
• Trains and directs the activities and daily routine of the environmental health technician(s) for sample collection and site assessment
• Must have thorough knowledge of the applicable laws and regulations and be able to interpret and apply the laws and regulations
• Maintains knowledge of current issues through internal staff training and attending seminars and conferences
• Assumes responsibility for own professional growth and development by pursuing education, participating in professional committees and work groups
• May participate on a WCCHD committee or task force
• In the event of a public health emergency, employees may be called upon to support WCCHD’s response in ways that are outside the usual scope of their job responsibilities. This may involve working hours that are outside the employee’s usual work hours. Employees will not be required to perform duties that are outside of their competence or professional licensure

Education, Licensure, Certifications, Experience
• Bachelor degree with major course work in a field relevant to Integrated Pest Management or Environmental Health Assessments
• Experience in environmental program(s) demonstrating progressive increase in responsibility
• Experience in vector management and GIS mapping systems
• Noncommercial political subdivision (NCPS) Pesticide Applicator License preferred
• Bilingual (English/Spanish) preferred
• CPR certified or willingness to obtain
• Valid Texas driver’s license and access to reliable transportation to all assigned work locations

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Must possess required knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience and be able to explain and demonstrate, with or without reasonable accommodations, that the essential functions of the job can be performed without posing a direct threat to health or safety of themselves or others.
• Knowledge of rules and regulations regarding environmental and consumer health programs
• Knowledge of technical aspects of environmental health inspections or assessments.
• Knowledge of the principles of vector control
• Skill in the preparation of technical data prepared for risk assessments or environmental reports
• Skill in the area of public relations involving collaborative consultations with the public and community agencies
• Skill in establishing and maintaining good working relationships
• Skill in using GIS mapping systems
• Skill in using a computer, including but not limited toMicrosoft Office Professional
• Ability to work in a collaborative manner
• Ability to maintain confidentiality regarding governmental information
• Ability to adhere to Department rules for travel while performing duties
• Ability to assimilate scientific, technical data to determine public health risks
• Ability to communicate tactfully and effectively in a culturally sensitive manner with regulated industry, other regulatory agencies, and the general public on environmental and consumer health issue
• Ability to establish goals and objectives, policies and procedures that support a strategic plan
• Ability to prioritize activities and manage multiple responsibilities; time management
• Ability to serve as a team leader
• Ability to train others
• Ability to communicate fluently in English; good writing skills
• Ability to apply rapport building, critical thinking, and goal-setting skills with clients to achieve positive outcomes
• Ability to climb, bend and/or stand for extended periods of time during investigations and inspections
• Ability to attend overnight conferences and training

Environmental Factors: Works mostly in a well-lighted, air-conditioned office. May work in various WCCHD offices around the county and in a variety of community locations. Occasional work activities may be outdoors and, therefore, employee will be exposed to heat and cold. May have extensive contact with the public. May have contact with persons who may be infected with contagious diseases. Certain immunizations and/or TB skin test may be required. Tobacco/vapor-free workplace.
Direct Supervisor of: 1 Temp

Location and Hours: 355 Texas Ave, Round Rock, Texas; General hours 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, M-F. This position will be subject to travel. Work may require occasional early morning, evening, weekend, and/or holiday hours. Extended hours may be required in the event of a public health emergency.
Job Performance Evaluation: The employee will be evaluated at least annually, but more often if warranted.
Contact Info:
Williamson County & Cities Health District
355 Texas Ave.
Round Rock, TX 78664
(512) 943-3600
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